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Ilizarov Frames

Gavril Ilizarov while working in Siberia, Russia developed the idea of ilizarov frames by looking at bicycle wheel. He mastered and laid down the principles of limb reconstruction, which revolutionized the treatment of number of conditions which in past lead to amputations. Ilizarov technique, named after him can undertake leg lengthening and deformity corrections; treat non unions, bone infections and congenital disorders. Click HERE to read more.

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Computed Navigated Deformity Correction & Leg Lengthening

Computed Assisted Knee Replacement

Hip & Knee Replacement

Limb Reconstruction



Ankle Surgery

Foot Surgery

Key Hole Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Stem Cells


World Renound Speaker

Guest speaking around the globe and delivering guest lectures

Leading the way in modern orthopaedic surgery


Mr Sharma's expertise is in demand across the globe


Using the very latest techniques to ensure the best possible outcome

All patients

are given the utmost attention ensuring thst you receive the best care possible

Your care and recovery is important to Mr Sharma

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Each patient is different and I understand this ensuring that tailor made care is available.

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Surgery is carried out using the latest techniques and expertise available helping to ensure a fast recovery. Call us today on 01482 672400 or contact us through our website,  we'll discuss the details and arrange an initial consultation.

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